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Every Day Project is a project
uniting furniture, product and graphics
that have been designed and selected
on the basis of concept, a new lifestyle
and a strong design identity

Ignoring passing trends, it capture
a new found design approach that
will change the experience of daily

Each product represents a synthesis
of a fresh and a modern style

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London, United Kingdom

Anything is a collaboration between UK designer Michael Sodeau and Japanese company Suikosha. Together they have produced their first collection of products, which saw its international debut in London. The collection includes clocks, staplers, tape dispensers, scissors, rulers, letter openers and magnet-pins.

Two years in development, and the first phase of an ongoing project shows the collaborators vision of practical and functional stationery design.

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Anthony Burrill
Kent, United Kingdom

Anthony Burrill's persuasive, up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients around the world from New York, to London to Tokyo. Burrill works across a range of media, including posters, moving image and
three-dimensional work.

Printmaking is an important part of Burrill's practice and he creates limited edition prints with slogans including "Work Hard and Be Nice to People" that have become mantras for the design community and beyond.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Stylish, luminous and pocket-sized, the Bookman Light works perfectly in all weather conditions. A minimal re-design of an old Swedish bicycle lighting system, the simple block shape has a grooved underside so it fits snugly on a seatpost or handlebar with an elastic cord and rubber button. The long-lasting LED bulb runs on a small, replaceable battery, allowing you to easily detach and slip the whole light into your pocket. The design idea was to use the simplest shape possible and let the colors do the talking.

Bookman is a Stockholm based company that makes accessories for bikes and people on bikes. Since it's start in June of 2011 the brand has been critically acclaimed by both bicycle enthusiasts and design lovers all around the globe.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Co-founded and directed by curator and author Renny Ramakers, Droog creates products, projects and events around the world in collaboration with designers, clients and partners. Droog has offices and a store in Amsterdam, and retail partners worldwide. Droog offers a selection of accessories, lighting, furniture and studio work that change your experience of daily life.

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London, United Kingdom

Retro with a twist, Haniboi presents the iconic way to store your money and cards. This playful yet sturdy piece is made of silicone rubber and firmly fastened by magnets, durable and splash proof.

In Haniboi's world, fun, color in life and quirkiness reign supreme! Designer Han Lee's bold lines, bright colors and clever creations illustrate a life philosophy of fun and optimism. From his commercial work to his creative projects, Haniboi has created an instantly recognizable and simple style that gives us a chance to take a break from the seriousness of modern life.

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Industrial Playground
Mumbai, India

Industrial Playground was founded in the year 2009. It proposes a collection of furniture which combines an industrial design approach with a visual light heartedness. The designs are deliberately reduced in complexity and hence pose as simple objects that can be used in any scenario that one desires.

Founded and designed by Ajay Shah, Industrial Playground aims to dismantle pre-set market concepts and create new inventive products. Rather than seeking a novelty value, the products produced by Industrial Playground attempt to seek a visual language that combines materials and processes to arrive at forms that support the idea of normal-ness. Industrial Playground attempts to explore new projects that offer expressions and a functional appropriateness
to spaces.

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Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

Not your everyday graphite pencil, Koh-I-Noor's woodless pencil is a solid color lead stick encased in lacquer which gives the artist five times more lead than a traditional graphite pencil. With a solid, weighty feel, these pencils are ideal for drawing, illustrating and shading. These all-graphite pencils can be sharpened, without mess of wood, in any traditional
pencil sharpener.

The company was founded by Josef Hardtmuth in 1790 in Vienna; however, the production of graphite leads was relocated to Ceske Budejovice in 1848. The Koh-I-Noor Company is continually observing developments and contemporary trends in the industry, while updating and perfecting the range of its products on the basis of demand.

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Kyouei Design
Shizuoka, Japan

Kyouei design is a Japanese design and manufacturing company of lighting and products, established in 2006. Founder Kouichi Okamoto is a product designer and sound producer who started Kyouei Design in 2006.

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Heidelberg, Germany

The Lamy brand has existed since 1952 and in 1966 the distinctive style of Lamy Design was born with the LAMY 2000. The workmanship and exceptional design give Lamy writing systems a special feel-good effect which customers repeatedly confirm.

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Florence, Italy

Palomar comes into its own in the design and development of innovative ideas. It is particularly interested in the search for new forms and new applications of instruments that have traditionally been used to see and look at the world. Its know-how, a mix of quality and research, has enabled it to develop highly creative designs and totally new objects in cooperation with the big names of contemporary design.

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Mumbai, India

Rubberband was born in 2007 at the studios of Ajay Shah Design Studio. It began as an impulse to design a product, which was more for self use and self gratification.Rubberband's identity is defined through its collection of notebooks and desktop products, as simple daily use products, which combine utility and a refined designed styling. The first Rubberband notebooks responded to the needs of a designer, and as a crisp and smart product they lent the open minded individual an air of distinction. The collection today includes paper based notebooks, journals, planners, memo pads, dockets, writing pens, and desktop products. Rubberband products focus on a concise visual look and an appropriate use of material.

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Unit Portables
Stockholm, Sweden

Unit Portables is a system of bags and pouches that structures your gadgets in a smart way. Also, it protects your precious pods and gadgets from dangers in the outer world. Unit Portables most important "raison d'etre", as the French put it, is to fill the gap between boring computer bags and snobbish fashion notebook bags.

Unit Portables is the outcome of a collaboration between like-minded individuals with varied backgrounds in design, fashion and technology, based in the creative hub of Stockholm, Sweden. This mix of ideas about what makes a perfect bag for a modern life, led to a new way of thinking and the launch of Unit Portables.

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Worther Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden, Germany

In 1985, Gerhard Worther, founded the company Worther Baden-Baden which, now as then, continues to offer exceptional mechanical pencils, writing instruments and accessories. WORTHER was one of the first suppliers of writing instruments made of aluminium.

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